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President of the Presidency: TRT 2


Fahrettin Altun, President of the Communications Presidency, published on the launch of TRT 2 through Twitter social media account. Altun gave the following statements in the message that he shared with the promotional film TRT 2:

Dün TRT 2, which will bring cultural elements around the world, especially the cultural values ​​of our country, to the screen, will start broadcast today. TRT 2, which I believe will bring a new breath to culture and art, will be better. Kültür

& # 39; TRT2 will be an inspirational channel & # 39;

Are the most comprehensive arts and culture TRT 2 Turkey culture expected to meet the live broadcast audience this evening. TRT Co-ordinator 2 Selman Yılmaz, We are a culture and art channel. We will be aware of the culture in which we live, within the national culture and its path. We see different cultures and the world as wealth, and they will find a place on our screen. We do not have a dysfunctional language. TRT2 did not have peers in the first phase. Not today. Our unique agenda is culture and art, he says.

Selman Yılmaz, the channel co-ordinator, told AA's reporter, after the closure of TRT2 in 2010, that culture and art could not find enough media and could not see the value he deserved in any media organization.

Saying that TRT was a public broadcaster, Yilmaz added. TRT2 became a news channel before closing. Since 2010, culture and art are included in the media with very short bulletins. So, we will close this huge gap like TRT2. TR said.

Traditional art to contemporary, opera and ballet plays middle, art will be included in every branch of Yilmaz:

"We are a culture and art channel. We will be aware of culture in the national culture and track it, the culture we live in. Of course, we are not limited to this. We see different cultures & # 39 The world is wealthy and they will be on the screen. We were broadcasting explaining the cultural wealth of our country. Release the design, culture, art is also a journalism. Every day our culture's art and newsletter will be published Life Arts program culminates in cultural and art events in Turkey, the events will bring the exhibition alive. One day, date, other days of philosophy, literature, the next day , we get the daily interviews in a different discipline such as art, the value of Turkey as part of the organizational honesty of the TRT, information, we will continue to meet the public. "

"Our unique agenda is culture and art"

Selman Yılmaz, saving so many different and colorful times in the signing will take, "We are launching the Sunday concerts previously published in the back. We make not just Hollywood movies like cinema. Excellent and cinema and world festival films are good The weekend will be in our movie reading. We're choosing productions, Turkey & # 39; "We want to see the film in the original language. We'll see the movie as a 15 minute film and half an hour after the movie. "

Yilmaz, 6 hours a fresh content will be prepared and commented, "The world averages about 4 hours. The most fresh content channel, which offers BBC 4, 4-6 hours and day, with new content broadcasting, so we start with 6 hours a day well. Planning to increase. "found in the evaluation.
TRT 2 Co-ordinator, Yilmaz, emphasizing that every community has a culture and continues to exist with this culture, "moving away from the core culture brings a decline. We want you Remind some of the beauty not to learn something. Today, our only agenda is culture and art, phrases used.

Emphasizing that these new programs will be added day by day, Yilmaz said, "Everyone will find something that will inspire the feeling of finding the audience as an inspirational channel. We & # 39; n do it with all the silence. We're a quiet channel.

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