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President Erdoğan: ül They were relentless


The President and Chair of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the party at the rally in Adiyaman, were addressed to the public.

Now that a new test of their tips, 4 days after the election was expressed, Erdogan said: t

I'm hoping that we'll use our votes to go to the elections after 4 days.We will once again determine our country's future, our city with our votes. The ballot box is an honorable, invisible, invisible fortress of the national will, which is the most important achievement of our nation by paying the price and troubles. Do not look at the CHP we have brought democracy To this country 's, the fight of rights and freedoms in the ballot box to reach the success of the late Menderes, Hasan Polatkan, Fatin Rustu Rüstü Zorlu with the right. RAMs are screws and the skins.

President Erdoğan: They were tevessül on unsealed roads



President Erdoğan said: t

"After the election, hope that Kahta once again our record, then we are in Kahta. Sinjik, Samsat is there. But I heard something. Besni is insulted by us or something like that? They'll do something. I'll tell you that those who fall from the train won't be able to take this train again. I betrayed this case that ranks this case anymore, because what is ten thousands standing for what, what is the battle? Like Mr Kemal, we're not on the sofa and to distribute it from there for if this is his brother's possession, if he has this son, why has we become a servant, not to be the master of this nation.

President Erdoğan: They were tevessül on unsealed roads


"Who are you buying?"

"In his speech by mentioning the ban on the scarf in the past, in his speech," this shame had not solved the problem, "he said. T I hope you'll come to those authorities.It's hard work for it, because you remember me after you put your trust in the result of evelallah. .


Erdogan, March 31, said that everyone would operate with the responsibility of such a, he said the heavy burden of awareness of the shoulders going to the crate, saying :

"Adıyaman is not here alone. Adıyaman is not in Istanbul, Istanbul, Adiyaman, Istanbul, call our fellow citizens and relatives," Look in Istanbul, Istanbul, our way of our airport Binali Yildirim supports our brother. "We need to say ta to support Mehmet Özhaseki brother to Ankara for Adıyamanlı brothers and sisters, because we need to say imizi Supporting brother Nihat Zeybekci is İzmir destek. We will keep the hands of our sons, we will run to the polls with Together to pay our gratitude to our predecessors.

Remember, once again, we will show the power of Turkish democracy to Europe's hypocritical politicians, who are in the queue to shake the hands of the plotters on the day of 9 people. Remember what he did in Egypt? 9 young people were executed. Its implementation is prohibited in the EU. Then what happened? They met that low, unscrupulous Sisi. "



Erdogan, therefore, stressed the importance of March 31:

"At every opportunity, deserve to Turkey, are we willing to legal course to try a terror report love rates again in the trunk? Late can not scare the fate of Menderes to assume the tutorial of all the polls with & '' Together, 'a mention mention enough belongs to the nation' Are we going to say? From Pennsylvania, aren't we going to give a basic lesson in the ballot box by Kandil? , who are trying to put mortgages on the will of the Turkish nation?

In the center of Istanbul, I would give the necessary lessons to the peripherals that are disgraceful to our call to pray, to the separators who do not hang our flag in their leagues, t to the CHP cards that are ashamed of reading our independence independence? "


Underlined Turkey with the support of the citizens that they moved to their current success Erdogan, affection for citizens, kadirşinaslıg and no voices recognize more happiness in prayer.

Yesterday, he received a letter from 9 young women, 56 marshmallow sheriffs of these girls, said he had read about 150 Yasin-to Sharif to his own Erdogan, "What's this? Being in trouble? n love, excitement What is the President? n inspiring. Alhamdulillah, your wishes are an order, we are the instructions considered. to know the debt of our neck, we continue to act accordingly. Adıyamanlı, Manisa, Istanbul, Ankara, get Artvinli brothers cheerful. to serve for 17 years in Turkey, this nation's servants 82 million of those who taste each individual's honor will keep his heart in the cool, as long as this skin is a way t that you draw our path, you appoint our compass. "he said.

President Erdoğan: They were tevessül on unsealed roads

"I listen to my dear brothers and sisters" t

Referring to Ziya Pasha's statement that Ziya Pasha remains "the donkey dies, his work is still human," he went on to say:

"Mr Kemal, just what we do in Adıyaman on a huge screen. Once you've fallen into your cells, lies, lies, lies, slander, slander, slander. This man has no I appeal to the brothers and sisters of the CHP, you don't want to get rid of this man? If you want to get rid of this decision on 31 March and come.

I slanded. I filed a legal case and is now at the Supreme Court stage. First degree wins the legal family. 2.5 million. Now, if the Supreme Court confirms this, I give the money from Mr Kemal to the Mehmetçik Institute. Mr Kemal could not provide this money, set up a fund and gave his own deputies 5,000 letters. That's what we do with the help box. Now I've applied the same way to others. They are gonna raise a fundraiser. I have a wife, and I opened for him 250 thousand pounds. Whatever the case, all the money and money to the Mehmetçik Foundation. "

President Erdoğan: They were tevessül on unsealed roads

He said he was invited to Besni, "I'm sorry for the dirty things, news is becoming Besni, I'm sorry for this." Used.

Erdogan, who reminds someone of the election for 4 days, "I would work hard because my brother's money, my brother Besni, can't buy money, those who will be able to; Trying to buy it with money also counts for it What, what we know, those who can't go to the IP or are going to the SP. found in the evaluation.

We'll delete the issue from the root to the answer

"A rumor is now, tobacco. It has a very important share in the history and trade of Adıyaman." he said:

"I've heard that there are people trying to cheat you by taking advantage of this issue. In the past, when tobacco was for sale, we allowed it to be sold from the value of tobacco through co-operatives. and solve this issue from the root. " t

Adiyaman has an industrial zone that has been in a very poor state, Erdogan said. 10,000 people are employed 530. I hope that this number will go up to 16 thousand people when all parcels are produced, and we bring all our organized industrial zones to natural gas. "used phrases.


He said that politics was a matter of vision, capacity and horizon, President Erdoğan said, 'Politics is the work of the spine, the work of wisdom and courage. he said.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, politics, who wore a white cover of the people who served the nation, said they were the effort to be a politician and statesman.

"We tried not to keep your trust." President Erdoğan said that as long as God gives life, he will continue to be the servant of this nation.

President Erdoğan has asked for strong support from Adıyaman on 31 March and asked them to work harder than those in the area.

Turkey President Erdogan, the finish by saying: t

"In Adıyaman, I know there are people who brought each other's sword, although we have once walked the way with us. Remember, the stone is heavy in the place. You can aim to serve The country and this nation, and walked with the enemies of this country and the country.If the purpose is the AK Party, because the AK Party will do it t If there is no understanding of the kind of Party AK already. "

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