Thursday , May 26 2022

Pay attention to pension areas below a thousand lira


The search for more than 12 million retires to live in better conditions with better wages remaining. Improvements were made in salaries with the arrangements made in recent years, the increase in the number of flights and promotions provided by the banks. In addition, new improvements came to an end. It is intended to eliminate the imbalance between the 3 different formulas and pensions currently on the board.

Under the current regulation, 5 per cent of pensioners with a salary under 18 euros this year receive an additional 4 per cent payment. The additional payment is deposited to accounts with net pay per month. If the 8 per cent offer is applied, the pension will pay 80 pounds (2 thousand x 4 per cent), which will pay 2,000 pounds. If the regulation comes to life, wages will increase from 30 to 368 lira.

While retirees are waiting for the rising rate; 150,000 SSK and Bağ-Kur will be the extra extraction will be made. The law will be enacted for the hikers to raise their pensions under a thousand liters. The bill comes to Parliament until the beginning of the year. With the outflow of the law, low pension retirees will be improved. Pay will not be under a thousand lira. 150,000 SSK and Bağ-Kur retire to retirement retirement, entry can be applied as soon as the regulation or at the same time as the normal increase in the stove. These details will be disclosed by the Assembly.

The second formula to improve retirement pensions, eliminate differences. All social security establishments were united under the SSI umbrella. However, pension calculations and decision-makers are still being implemented differently. While Bağ-Kur and SSK retirees expect inflation, Retirement Fund retirement is subject to joint bargaining. Efforts are ongoing for all retirements to increase the number of joint bargaining agreements.

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