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Part 11: Partial trailer: Water does not stop! The ceaseless apocalypse … t


On the ATV screens published on Friday, 17 May, 10th part of Hercai; According to the woman who loves back the eye, she does not want to break to another man and even the possibility of a break in the big storms Miran, Reyyan mansion was once again raided mansion Nasuh Agha. In the final chapter; Miran, the Shadoglu family to pay all the debts in exchange for Reyyan just wanted, and in this way all the hostility of the last to say that the last straw is the last straw of the mansion prepared for torn the day. On the other hand, Nasuh fired a fire on Miran's motion and underlined that the Şadoğlu family would never bend against Aslanbeys under any circumstances and stressed that they would never approve this proposal. Reyyan, on the other hand, is the same as Hercai's 11th chapter, which is treated as a maternity sale and married with Azat, so that the mansion will have a daughter and a bride. expect. Azize, huge feet to the enemy's feet and to Miran's face downloaded the slap in the face of the name Aslanbeyler and started asking the account; Reyyan will leave the trail! # 39; Azat, on the other hand, is a step where Reyyan was surprised to see what Hazar suffered after seeing the fact that he had no children of his own.

11th chapter of everyone!

Produced by Banu Akdeniz and chaired by Cem Karcı, director of the company, Mia Yapım, a chapter of Hercai 11 which hosted the audience on ATV screens.

11.What will be released?

The main roles are Akın Akınözü, Ebru Şahin, Macit Sonkan, Oya Unearth, Serhat Tulumluer, Erkök İlay, Ayda Aksel, Gülçin Santırcıoğlu and Tansu Taşanlar. On Friday, May 24, he will meet the audience at ATV.

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