Friday , May 27 2022

Native capital exemptions: $ 20 billion in nine months – NEWS


Deputy Chairman of CHP Aykut Erdoğdu, the increase in domestic capital overseas has reached $ 20 billion in the past nine months, he said.

Erdoğdu said the domestic capital also escaped as well as a significant reduction in the foreign capital coming to the country. Değer The domestic capital, which can not trust the rights, the law and justice in the country, take its money abroad. According to the data, the amount of stock, bonds and deposits related to domestic capital that went abroad in the first nine months reaches 20 billion dollars.

CHP deputies, related to the balance of data held by the Central Bank, the amount of foreign capital entered Turkey said it dropped to one third of a year ago.

Erdoğdu said that the current accounts of USD 1.8 billion in September erode the economy's import capacity due to exchange costs and one of the most important reasons for the current surplus.

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