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Mustafa Cengiz hosted a press conference


Galatasaray President Mustafa Cengiz said at the press conference, "Very few Galatasaray players are in sports programs, broadcasters and government channels." he says.

Mustafa Cengiz, who explained the reasons for holding a press conference, said, ç We decided on this conference to press this in terms of misunderstanding of what we said, losing and giving accurate information to & # 39; n valuable competitors. We respect everyone and our own. "he said.

Fenerbahce said they had not made a statement about today's Mustafa Cengiz, "We did not want the derby as a result of the derby we did with respectful competitors. There are penalties given and a situation that is # 39. It does not make us happy, I think that we were not our opponent. I will give a new interview about Fatih Terim. I gave a 15 minute statement to the TRT before the Schalke game, I saw that there was no Most people watched, and the viewers had misunderstood, and we never made a statement about our dear competitor. Fenerbahçe did not match any of the statements making any statements. An opponent, thanks to us, thanks to us, because of the funeral of the game in the back fans, we also respect that, we learned the event at the time. Meanwhile, we have reached the report, Fenerbahce died, 20:00 a.m., a hospital fan, it's not important if he is statist. Allah rest and offer his sympathy with the family and community of Fenerbahce, "he said.

Schalke said before the game at the airport there was a public misunderstanding about the statement that Mustafa Cengiz, "for our words" Keep your anger and your hatred "misunderstandings.

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Fírat Fírat Aydınus Fírat Aydınus criticized her fight against the back of the red yellow club. According to us, this event was due to the intervention of the referee. Fenerbahçe, President Ali Koç, was with me, we were surprised at this event that took a minute. he did the description

13 Fenerbahce, Fenerbahce referred 2 people to the referral Mustafa Cengiz, 13 people were referred to us, and 2 of our competitors were transported. 2 players there, do not! They come from lawn just weighing a thousand of 2 people? This double standard makes Turkey Legal Counsel. then PFDK and decide Arbitration Board. Disciplinary Guide has indicated that there is a contravention of Article 75 and the outside as the referee to confirm If you carry out an assessment, this will be discussed. I can not be angry with PDFK, they have a referral. he says.

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Mustafa Cengiz responded to the television broadcast on television channels. "You can not put this battle in minutes, this is seen on all TVs. Viewers jump to the field. Fortunately, only 1 person from 49,000 people jumped on the field The Galatasaray audience is secret. The publisher does not give the organization to appear in four ways, not to hide their hidden, but to stop the peace and brotherhood of the sport.

Mustafa Cengiz continued his statement, "We have had championships with this federation. Although we are not looking for a conspiracy theory otherwise, the situation of Serdar Aziz is a penalty, but what VAR has responded to it? from clubs To meet the views of the public and the conscience of Galatasaray Serdar Aziz is the position of the speech made with VAR for its publication. In a Dutch game, a speech with VAR was made "in the form.

Mustafa Cengiz expressed his opinion on the referees. games, draw games. "made the description.

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Underlines that heavy penalties for the payments, Mustafa Cengiz "Hocamıza 7, Donk & # 39; a 6 and Ndiaye have had a penalty. Disciplinary instructions were charged against these penalties.

Technical Director Fatih Terim responds to problem problems with Mustafa Cengiz, "Fatih Terim is a brand, but Galatasaray is a much larger brand. They want to lose these two controls , without hiding behind Fatih Terim. phrases used.

"They attack me and control."
Speaking about a common media frame on social media, Mustafa Cengiz said, I can see that the control of perception in the Cold War is being done against me and my control. Görüy Mustafa Cengiz criticized that he advertise on Atatürk. If we were just writing Galatasaray Club, look, this guy is going to Ankara very often, he's talking to Ministers, he has not written his name . & # 39; At the top of the Atatürk banner that opened the football players, Mustafa Cengiz is on social media. There is no such war, even in the cold war. phrases used.

We have not made any promises or actions to offend our valued objector. At present, we want to use our right to silence. We do not want to say any differential words about our objector. I can not hear any debugger to me.

We refer to those who are motivating us about legal methods. As there is a legal process, we can not publish any of the social media accounts.

Explain exchange rate difference
If it was not for the exchange rate, we were 12 million euros. This is something that is not seen in the last 30 years of Galatasaray. The shop has nice developments. We paid 100 million TL tax in 8 months. Galatasaray is making a revolution in the infrastructure. U-17,18,19. We are making progress in the infrastructure. Kayserispor matches 4 players of the infrastructure that recorded the game. In fact Fatih Terim is a revolution in this subject. Abdürrahim Bey adds the night to day. Do not do this to Abdurrahim. Because we see what we have written, we are sorry. Our board of directors does not have one vacancy. They work constantly by leaving their families.

After 60 at Fenerbahce, Fenerbahce played very nice. The beauty of football. But I always say that I hope Galatasaray will be a champion. Belhanda plays with you as you say. We see it.

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