Tuesday , August 9 2022

Mercedes decided! That model will be generated the last time


The SLC sports model, launched in 1996 as a SLK and produced for three generations, will be disclosed for the last time.

For the SLC that will not be produced after the 2020 model, the latest and final-known vehicles will contain the standard SLC300 and AMG SLC43, will be launched next year. For both models, only two original color options will include gray and bright sun.

Mercedes did not mention any mechanical changes in the statement. Both vehicles will be manufactured with a rear wheel drive and 9-speed automatic transmission and can reach a maximum speed of 250 km / h.

The SLC300 will use a 2 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder machine. The 241-horsepower vehicle can produce 370 nm of torque. The AMG SLC43 includes two 3-liter turbocharged V6 engines. The 385-horsepower vehicle will produce 520 nm of torque.

The SLC300 model is 5.8 seconds and AMG SLC43 has a performance of 0-100 km for 4.6 seconds.

Final Edition Mercedes SLC


In the 1990s, the success of Mazda Miata with the Mercedes Coupe is currently small in 1996 with the SLK series. The SLK series, which stands out with a folding roof and a security standard, was recently refurbished in 2011 and in 2016, the name was changed to SLC and added a few restraints .

Toyota Supra Mercedes SLC or a class

The German competitors were BMT Z4 and Audi's 20th generation TT behind the new TT generation.

The Mercedes SLC European sales, of approximately 8 thousand in 2017, fell to 5 thousand 188 in 2018. Only 45 units were sold in 2018. In Turkey, this model

In the US market, in 2017, sales fell from 2,000 860 to 1,993 units, which fell by around 30 per cent.

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