Sunday , April 11 2021

May Thyos cause a crackdown

LEYLA ATAMAN KOYUNCUOĞLU – Faculty of Medicine of Gazi University, Ophthalmology Department. Dr. Onur Konuk said that the thyroid disease affects the eyes.

The Turkish Chinese Society congress (TOD) of the 52th National Congress in the Antalya hotel, the AA correspondent, stated in a statement, some discomfort in the eye, although sometimes seen as a manifestation of systemic illnesses, for the appearance of the eyes , he said.

Guests, especially telling the Black Sea region to be bigger Although due to more thyroid hormones work due to a lack of iodine in Turkey, there is so often a pyrocyroidism and these patients averaged 30 per cent of apparent eye between 1 year and 6 months.

The patient did not realize that the patient or relatives did not notice the appearance of the eye in general.

During the early stages, oxygen-related exposures associated with thyroid, red and inflammation occur in the eye and are usually treated by letters, that is, by eye-catching, so that they can be waived very valuable time. In these patients, tests need to be carried out and take precautions because it is considered that a thyroid-related eye displacement may be present. be considered. "

Smoking affects negative treatment

Thyroid outside the eye can show a special guest guest, "Our eyes are in a room with 4 whole walls. There are different objects outside the eyes. The eyes that move our eyes around the fat tissues in this pool, good tumors or malignants, eye-cat infections can also cause the formation of new goods in this room.

The patient, who indicated that eye disasters were well examined and a treatment plan should be put in place, stating that the eyes that came with different medicines or surgical applications could be replaced again.

30 out of 100 patients with thyroid debates

Emphasize eye dislocation in 30 in 100 patients with thyroid. Dr. Honorable Invitation, "Doctors are the doctors and doctors that endocrinoleg doctors should be consulted. We work with endocrinoleg doctors in such patients. We regularly monitor thyroid patients every 6 months or once a year with findings radiological.

Smoking is also very dangerous in such patients, the guest said:

"Based on my 20 years of experience, I can say that, if the patient has an eye-to-face and inflexible eye, we need to use a lot more medication in patients with a smoker, and we need more patients take more surgery, so patients need to stay away from smoking because our smoking medication and surgical treatments are negative. "

He added that it was important for ordinary people to follow their own eyes by looking at their old pictures and to explore their own findings in the sense of being diagnosed in advance.

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