Thursday , May 26 2022

Man Collecting Gold From Old Computer Parts


Instead of throwing old computer parts, "dig" can be a more profitable business. Still, there's a good idea not to put on your own.

Former computer parts, especially mammals and processors, contain a little gold. Gold is used as a superconductor for several electronic devices. Processor pins or quality microphones have gold.

When the non-working processors come together, it seems a very interesting image.

If you do not have the necessary information or tools, the procedure is very sensitive, so you will not advise yourself to do so. The amount of gold is not too much. If you believe that you can not do anything and do not have any money, you can do something like this.

First of all, we start by putting the processors into nitric acid. With the beginning of the abolition, we begin to see the gold. Then we arrange the gold of the bucket. We can make filter for this.

The gold must remain in acidic water per month separating from the processor.

In the next stage, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid are prepared in separate containers. We should mix the two acids later and synthesize another acid of the name of a king's water. We put this acid on the processors. As time goes on the processors will be canceled. We transfer the mix to another ship by fun. We pour this fluid into a container that is full of sodium metabisulfite.

We need to evaporate the water by holding the hair dryer to the last liquid we received. After the drying process, we eliminate the pieces.

As a result, this man has been able to extract 6.7 grams of gold of dozens of processors.

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