Sunday , January 24 2021

Leyla joined the University with surgery after coma nose

Leyla Sönmez, a first year student in the department of emergency medicine technician at the university, began to tackle blood and abdominal pain removal in the room where her nose surgery was on January 29 in a private hospital in the city. Family, doctors and young young nurses said worried. Doctors, "Your daughter does a. Something nothing. We'll be released soon," the words of the family women stayed on the recovery. But Leyla Sonmez's pain increases and continued to go to blood continuously.


Three days after the surgery, the young girl became ill and she was taken to Ysbyty Dinas Adana, where he referred to the Çukurova Balcalı Training and Research Hospital. Re-run the stable heart of Leyla Sönmez with the intervention of doctors. It was reported that the internal organs of the young woman admitted to the intensive care unit had collapsed and their condition was essential.

Ali Haydar Sönmez (45) said that the hospital did not have health problems. At present, her daughter on her death bed expresses Sonmez, "I left my daughter that day to be put on the hospital. Nothing I had already had a nose surgery. After the closure of the surgery I went to a girl, her nose bleeding constantly and bleeding blood. "Yes, she is your daughter, ha, my daughter, it does not matter. Your daughter is good. Yok my teacher said that this woman's stomach hurts and commutes blood. These are all normal, üzerine said, I just as soon as we passed. Yakın So we started to wait. It does not stop vomiting. He can not talk to us when he lies, but when he got up immediately. On the 3rd day at 9:00 a.m., a doctor came and told me to release my daughter. "When I tried to get out of my child, we could not stand up," he said.


Ali Haydar Sonmez said, such a thing as a result of a mistake that occurred during the surgery and the girls of their darkness:

"My daughter is now attached to the machine, they say that the survival is 1 percent. Here, the doctor knows that she has made a mistake. She's looking at me, she tells me things that could have happened. " A doctor who feels a danger here can defer if they want to get that operation. "I started the legal process, my daughter will notify this situation, even even a penny we do not want compensation. Burning our children's children burns our Leyla. Other families do not cry."


Her daughter's daughter started out of the operation to say that a lot of Lantern Sönmez (40) was painful in "hands, purple feet. My daughter was in constant pain, said nurses, of course. , "Good. They said it was good. he says.

Esthetic and Plastic Surgery M.S.A. he said he did not want clarification.

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