Tuesday , December 1 2020

LAST RECORD NEWS If the flu is accompanied by a coronavirus … Expert explanation called expert!

The current AA correspondent, the whole world is struggling with Covidien-19, also said that Turkey was taking measures quickly after March 10.

Reminding that the “stay at home” practice was initiated in this context, restrictions were placed on those over 65 and under 18, Varol said, “In June and July, there were marriages, societies, opening borders We are a nation that likes to socialize. We go to a patient, or when we go into that quarantine, we send water behind them all with ‘ There is such a cultural situation, we couldn’t stop it. “He said.

Varol stressed that circumcision marriages, weddings, engagements, celebrations and holidays put everyone in a difficult position, “Everyone started opening as if they were breaking their chains. This opening made us live our current position and reality.” he spoke.

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