Sunday , August 14 2022

Last minute … Istanbul collapsed three-storey building! There is wounding


The event took place in the neighborhood of Fatih Yedikule. The ground floor of a 5 storey building on the ground floor of a 3 storey building has collapsed due to an unknown reason. During the collapse of the living room in the living room, 1 in 5 people collapsed and the floor of the building used fell as a fellowship. The noise from the building on the outside of the neighbors came out of the house to inform the event, a large number of police, health crews and fire were referred to the scene.


With the help of citizens, firefighters moved 1 out of 5 injured children in different places. According to DHA; the ambulance injuries were referred to the hospital. Police teams took the safety strip to the street. Although the other two floors in the 3 storey building were emptied against the risk of falling, the urban teams sealed the building. The inquiry was launched.

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