Monday , December 6 2021

Last minute development Ahmet Kural Sıla Gençoğlu! Sıla and Ahmet Kural are asked the critical question


A new development was held in the alleged violence investigation between the famous singer Sıla Gençoğlu and the player Ahmet Kural.

According to the news about DHA; Prosecutor's Office, Sıla complained about the alleged assault on assault, algebra and psychological violence for Ahmet Kural "intentionally cast," "Threat", "Insult" investigation and investigation file, sent to the Settlement Office. At the Settlement Bureau, the parties are asked one by one and they will be asked if they agree.

If the parties agree, the investigation file will be closed by a decision not to prosecute. If they do not endanger "deliberate", "threat", "threat", "insult" for a total of up to 5 years' imprisonment for a legal case against Ahmet Kural. The final decision on the investigation will be given by the Settlement Office Prosecutor.


Sıla came to court with a lawyer Rezan Epözdemir last week, complaining that he had suffered violence, algebra and psychological violence from Ahmet Kural. Within the scope of the investigation, the statement of Ahmet Kural was taken.


She signaled in their statements, "I disappeared in places, my head was hit on the walls. At the time I was trying to escape, Ahmet took the rule again and hit my head with an ashtray. is open to intense scriptures. It takes about 45 minutes to attack, "he said.

When expressing himself again in trying to get out of the expression of the house Ahmet Kural and Sila Sila, noting that this was a battle again, at this time the head above was fragmented, he barely opened the door and escaped, he said. Sila said in panic that she had arrived at her driver and was saved by her driver. She came straight after the event, went home, saw his wife and shocked that Sıla was also a witness to them. Sila, about the attack to the police station and received a report of assault. The bruises were found on her body and the famous singer then applied to the office and prosecutor.


Ahmet Kural stated in his statement:

Four months after she left, Ms Sıla started sending me messages, called, told me she wanted to make peace and meet again. I did not return to messages or calls because I did not want to start the relationship. Sıla Hanım said with a message, I did a song. He sent the song I did on my phone. I was happy about that. I thought I should give him a second chance. She wanted to come to the dinner because she did not meet my sister, so I was happy and I received. We had family lunch that day and we got alcohol together. We were sitting in the kitchen and chatting. During the conversation, I presented the subject to a previous separation situation. Because I have difficulty thinking they always give different answers. He told me she had been an old friend of the front and, at another time, she had met for the cover of the album, she said she was once. For these reasons, I agored the issue of separation. He said, "We come from my mother and father, our relationship goes well, we're planning to build a family, say you want a child with me, if there's something of & Like this, tell me. & # 39; When I said that, yes I wanted to hurt your life, we were together & # 39; he says. The discussion began on this. I've been so bad. Boiling water to pour over my head. I asked Sıla Hanım to leave the house right away. I asked him to call his driver. I told Sıla Hanım to stay at least one person. But she did not want to go home, so I told her why she had so much cheered so we could no longer be with each other. But he did not leave home. We were in the kitchen right now. When I was going to call Mrs. driver. Sell ​​on my own phone, Sıla Hanım held my goods back, he said, I ask for 10 to 15 times. He did not call me, he did not call me. During this time I still grasped my wrist because I'm holding my hands, while Sıla Hanım falls to the floor. I got up from the table and stopped the kitchen door. Mrs Sıla tried to stop me from standing behind the kitchen holding my shirt. I took my shirt again to save myself, it fell again, I went to the living room. Mrs Sıla came from behind. I agree that there is collective crying and raising our voices, but I said nothing was offensive. I did not say good news. I was not a threat. At that time, we were alcoholic. We had each other's arms and the shadow of each other. In this way it fell to the floor a few times. This debate took about fifteen minutes. 45 minutes of discussion and violence did not happen, after we dropped down, he went past the kitchen. I stayed in the hall.


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