Wednesday , July 6 2022

KPSS Results – KPSS ÖSYM secondary education outcomes


New KPSS results are opened. According to the Presidency, Measurement and Placement Presidency Results (ÖSYM), 2018-The results of the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) secondary education were published. The questions are being questioned over the internet.

According to the announcement on the ÖSYM website, the evaluation process of secondary education level 2018-KPSS was completed on October 7.

Candidates, exam results & ÖSYM "" T.C. Learn through the identification numbers and passwords of candidates.


After publishing the KPSS results that are made for undergraduate, contact and secondary graduates, a Pre-Selection Guide will be prepared by OSYM for Group B cadres. In this Handbook, Group cadres B, staff numbers and conditions of organizations and public organizations are included. Candidates will make their choices on the Internet according to the method that will be included in the Choice Guide. Options between dates will be issued to candidates from the ÖSYM internet address.

Candidates, from ÖSYM to Group B Roles; points, choices and numbers of staff are remembered. The guidelines for placement procedures will be included in the Guidelines on Choices. Priority will be given to candidates who have received the same score in the placement procedures if they have graded from the date of the diploma and if they are the same.

Candidates set by ÖSYM will be assigned directly to posts published without any other examination or interview. However, nominations are not made for candidates who do not meet the requirements for assignment or who can not bring the required documents within the required period.

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