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Karamollaoğlu flash league description – Latest last minute news


Speaking in the 7th Commonwealth of his party in Bursa, Saadet Party Temel Karamollaoğlu said, "We said this is not the case because there would be an occasion to increase the polarization of an inter-party party. & # 39; Other opposition parties have also said the same words, "he said.

Speaking hundreds of parties at the 7th Bursa Community Congress at the Merinos Congress and Culture Center, said Karamollaoğlu, Olağan Now we are going to local elections. Our request from our friends is on the way to the elections. We want to decide on the candidates who will be elected to the public party. I hope that the necessary steps will be taken at this address. We said that this is not the case because a general interdictive league will also lead and increase the polarization of Biz. The other opposition also made the same statement. Provincial links based on provinces, areas and electoral divisions are always maintained within the framework of our own initiatives. When he comes to the headquarters it can be activated, Zaman says.

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Karamollaoğlu also said he was looking for candidates and said "In 1989, I was a mayor. When I'm a mayor, I can see the principles that I am presenting so we have to do today. We would welcome everyone Our door will be open to all, and we will not definitely give premiums to pollution, bribery and land rent. We will evaluate land rent without our own benefit but for the benefit of our relatives but for the benefit of the province and & The whole area. Our approach to the borough certainly does not make concessions of different justice, do not favor, keep the door open for everyone, says Bizim. Iha

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