Tuesday , August 9 2022

Jan Vesely was Really Stunning to me


Turkish Airlines EuroleagueLeader of the 23rd week Fenerbahce Tip away Darüşşafaka TekfenScore to score 97-75 after the game Zeljko Obradovic explanations found.

Obradovic, "I want everyone a good night, Turkey Cup back to difficult after week training, we need to focus on the next goal. The team looks good and we played & # 39 Well done today. We played well from the start of the game, we had some decline in the second quarter, but we were good at protecting in the third quarter and I believe We deserve to win. I also congratulate my players for the way they work and the way they are playing today. Darüşşafaka Tekfen is always a fighting team. Coach Darüşşafaka also wants to give young people time , I'm also aware of this. They are fighting until the end and congratulated on this. He lost many games lost in the last minute, and it's very nice to have support from our fans everywhere. We're going. Thanks for being here today. Yan he says.

Obradovic, who also made an appraisal for Jan Vesely, Di Jan's return was particularly good without a ball. Thanks very much to Predrag Zimonjic, our steamer. In fact, it was a surprise for us to go back to the team so fast. I thank both for their work. Vesely had a great desire to return and we all know Vesely's importance in our game. He played well tonight. Da phrases used.

Obradovic ended his speech by:

The usual thing is important for us not scoring, but to make good and common pictures. The three were good. They need to continue. 44% quite good statistics. Very important to make it even better. There were many details that should be considered in terms of what is important to the team in other parts of the game. Maç

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