Monday , August 15 2022

It was used as a wall stone for years


Adiyaman Museum exhibited a snail's fossil in the media after the news as a citizen of the name Mehmet Cetiner, the same way as his own house wall, which provided information about Adiyaman Museum.

According to the UAV, museum officials went to the house on this notice and examined the wall fossil on the wall. In 2007, Mehmet used the fossil Çetiner of the snail as a working stone.

The fossil of the snail used as stone on the wall for 12 years was disassembled by Museum Directorate teams.

The house wall rewind the citizen after removing the snail fossils from the wall.

Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Deputy Director Mehmet Alkan, in a statement on the subject, said, "Asyrian sources are" like the city by the river "in the County of Scotland, Mehmet Çetiner, who was in the Gölbaşı area on the news of the snail fossil and We were shown at Adıyaman Museum 15 days ago, calling us to say that a fossil like a fossil at the Adıyaman Museum was based on his house, on this notice we came to the village of Çelik of Adıyaman, when we looked at the foundation in the steel village we saw that it was Like the fossil found in Adıyaman Museum, because of its similarity to the fossil at the Adıyaman Museum, we believe it is 65 million years old

Mehmet Çetiner, the host, said he had used the fossil as a stone of the front and did not know that fossil fossil.

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