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With the active cancer registry system operated by the Ministry of Health in 1992, information was collected on all cancers occurring in a given population and the cancer was fully recorded with clinical and pathological indicators. 2013 81 provinces regularly prepared by making a cancer registry active on the map was drawn on Turkey Cancer Statistics reports the country's cases of cancer.

According to information from the Ministry, the most common types of cancer in Turkey is evaluated; In men, there are cancers, lung, prostate, large bowel, bladder and stomach, in women, breast, thyroid, large intestine, womb and lung cancer in the site. .

Early detection through screening

Previously, a 'smear test' was used for cervical cancer screening. To date, approximately 4.5 million people have been tested for cervical cancer screening, while 196,000 844 people are positive.

At the end of screening, 33,000 of 813 people were diagnosed early.
Around 1 million 700 thousand people have been screened in breast cancer screening since 2016, 86,000 152 people have been sent to further examination. As a result of breast cancer screening, 30 thousand 144 people were diagnosed early.

On the other hand, over 5.5 million people have been screened for blood cancer screening since 2011, and 246,000 of 279 people have had positive results. In screening, 14,000 810 people were diagnosed early with colon cancer.

Cancer Week message

On the other hand, Rector of the University of Düzce. Dr. Nigar Demircan gave Çakar, in his message for Cancer Week, the following statements:

Ağ Reference is also made to cancer disease, one of the most important health problems of our age, such as the unusual split and cell excess. This vital disease goes back to early death and death if untreated. The use of tobacco products, alcohol, excessive consumption of unnatural ready foods and excessive stress threatens human health and causes a very difficult and expensive cancer disease to treat. To spend more time with our loved ones and live a high quality life, we must be careful to live healthy. To do this, we can make general checks on the dates prescribed by our doctors and prevent possible health problems. In addition, in order to be able to fight effectively with cancer and in order to reduce the damage, it is important to tell the cancer correctly to the whole society and raise public awareness about this disease.

Like the University of Düzce; We believe that Cancer War Week, which enables our doctors and scientists to convey the right information to the public, has made a major contribution to raising awareness in the society about cancer disease, t and we want healthy and beneficial lives for society as a whole.


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