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In Survivor, Hikmet Tuğsuz came to love: Dimitra …


Hikmet Tugsuz, who played in the Turkish team, said he would compete with his wife's love for the games he played on February 14.

After sending love & # 39; for fellow members and the team, Hikmet Tuğsuz made a statement about Dimitra from Greece.


33-year-old fighter, "I do not have a girlfriend, it did not happen. Nothing to do, compete with boyfriends, wife and competitors," he said.

Hikmet in the words of his team friends, "You can send someone a salute" money came.

Survivor Hekmat, "So let's see, now Platonic to Dimitra … Our job is to win the game that competes with their wives and their loved ones today. I'll be celebrating the February 14 Valentine's Day with my girlfriend and wife if I compete rather than even those who can not race. " I can count the only names, "he said.


"I'm going to play for my wife," said Bora Edin, "You turn and say," Dimitra for you. "How fortunate are you" worship Hikmetin.


Bora's successful responder, "I do not tell Dimitra." Dimitra said in each. " I would like Hikmet, "he said. But for me, love for free," he said.

Competition & MasterChef & # 39; with the name after the publication of the Survivor Hakan Kanık island, "I will play for my girlfriend," he joined the pleasurable conversation of his fellow members.

Dimitra Vamvakousi is 24 years old and graduated from a National Sports Academy college. First steps in the modeling. She enjoys plumbing in her recreational time and has also followed a career in the ponds. She describes herself as a positive and dynamic girl. The surviving word matches her well, because she has been taught special circumstances by passing on to survive.


Acer Ilıcalı, in the last few days, Survivor Turkey-Greece has given more Turkish competitors to take part in the news.

Sabriye Şengül was the name of the Turkish team in Survivor. Şengül of Instagram account said, "I was surprised to go to Survivor. I'll show the competition in my hands."

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