Wednesday , March 3 2021

If you suffer pain in cold weather and do not sleep, try them

He said that the joints carry the whole body load, the cartilage can not wear out over time and could not carry out its functions. Hard joints in the weather can cause pain to wake up from night sleep. "

Ağrı The importance of bones, cartilage development, as well as muscle health and the soft tissue system around the bone are important in joint health. "If the pain is serious enough to wake up from sleep at night and not rest, then a specialist should be accepted."

If it sounds busy …
"The most common complaints are pain that does not pass through the joints, excessive cracking of the joints, or movement restriction. When we draw the normal radiography of the patient that brings & In these complaints, the problem scales will be determined jointly by narrowing the destruction of cartilage surfaces or bony divergies known as osteophytes. We determine age, sex, hobbies, work , and a joint destruction scale

Ler Recommendations to Lose Your Muscle Life and Tips "
Orthopedics and Specialist Traumatology Op. Dr. M. Yavuz Cirpici; As well as feeding, the exercise that does not increase the range of motion, muscle length and flexibility should be ignored by identifying the exercises that should be made for muscles and permanent joints on for:

– As with all things, there should be a restriction to the use of muscles and joints.
– A sporting choice suitable for muscle and bone structure is essential.
– Sports that are not suitable for the person can cause problems such as strainbreaking, muscle and unintentional injuries that will not be seen in the future.
– Plates and swim can be chosen to protect muscles and joints.
– Ten thousand steps can be taken daily without the wearing of the joints.
– Edges such as sitting, squatting and kneeling can be worn longer than usual if the site is long.

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