Friday , November 27 2020

How Much Tax is charged for the iPhone 12 Family?

Apple announced the iPhone yesterday the price of Turkey of 12 families. We investigated how much tax the new iPhone 12 family has, which is priced higher than estimates.

In recent years, we have seen that smartphones are being sold at very high prices in our country due to the increasing exchange rates and high taxes. It is usually the most expensive among these smartphones Apple belongs to the brand. Yesterday’s new iPhone 12 Turkey’s prices of describing Apple’s family sparked a new debate because of the high prices.

We are also for you today iPhone 12 The phone reversed price from the few Turkish family prices, while the few TL of taxes We researched in detail. According to the research we share the ministry of culture, TRT, customs duties, and a KDV phone when Turkey commits to Apple’s profits from the phone’s work we encounter a higher denominator of the entry price.

iPhone 12 family price details in Turkey

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