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He met 400 marketing masters at the 2018 CMO Summit


At the event, attended by 400 specialist marketing names, it was said that the large digital data and innovation would shape the future. The 2018 CMO Summit, where the average number of speakers could not survive in the future, was awarded the most active 50 CMO awards.

The task areas, not only in our country, came but the socio-economic trends in the world, digitalization, large data, innovation in the past due to concepts such as rapid change in marketing managers at the 2018 CMO Summit together and mentioned about the future of marketing. The 400 names of the market participating in the summit agree that those who do average jobs, those who try to appeal to the average, those who do not digitization insulation, those who can not feed large data and innovation for every quarter of a corporate culture that can not survive.

Watching customer movements and setting up new marketing strategies, adhering to the next generation media, telling the products with the correct stories, adhering to the technology closely, and making the data analyzes correctly … they point to the point: in history, marketing will not repeat itself.

Cem Boyner: Information, not of Cem's interest

At the summit, Boyner Group CEO, Cem Boyner, who opened the opening with a speech called Eklem Alla Turca, Boy Innovation, said Innovation Lord came from people and teams who can think freely , aim to be individuals and do not fear stand alone. he says.

Cem Boyner continued his words as follows: "We are interested in interest and not in the information age. The information is now in tons. It is known that people of this time control Devices in their hands are consistent. Now, you talk to people today to talk to people, TV, laptop and telemarket between the screens you would like to introduce. If you do not respond, "Ha! What did you say? "Customer" You can get my knowledge, but you need to deserve my attention. Dakik is the question to turn information to interest. Google, Amazon, Apple goes to the automotive business. They try to create a vehicle without a driver and why? through music, your own new special services such as navigation, navigation, etc. to stay alone with the user system

60 per cent of prize winners in domestic brands

Summit also to highlight the increasing value of the Fortune Turkey and dataexpert CMO function determined by research conducted in conjunction with "CMO 50 Most Effective" or in awards given. Turkey received the keyword key decision making in the field of marketing of the 2018 Summit conference senior executives and CMO managers from leading Turkish, middle and senior companies working in the field of marketing products in the field of marketing / executive officers service provider of companies, marketing and management experts, veterans and experts from the field that attended the press.

Arçelik, Turkcell, Petrol Ofisi, Migros, Blue, Nestlé, Anadolu Sigorta, Koçtaş and Procter & Gamble won 50 most active CMO awards. 60% of the winners of the 2018 CMO Summit were domestic brands.

In addition, the names of the ancient markets included a Role in Management Perspective, Mixed Management: Marketing and Finance and Brand, Behavioral Architecture in Marketing, Digital Transformation and Marketing 5.0.

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