Monday , January 25 2021

He crossed the lane, causing the disaster! Too much dead

According to information, Fahrettin Hacıoğlu was now used with Izmir with his wife and son (62) to 35 plate PN 740, near the road from the village near the village of Ali Yilmaz 64 of a Ky 400 pack collected with the control of the car.

Fahrettin Hacıoğlu died at Safiye Hacıoğlu wife (61) in his place and place, their son Mesut Hacıoğlu (39) to the car anifail Ali Yilmaz severely injured.

The ambulances of the event to the Uşak Training and Research Hospital are removed from the injured, although the intervention could not be saved.

Meanwhile, Uşak Governor Funda Kocabıyık, who lost his life as a result of brain hemorrhage during his military service in Tuzla, Istanbul and went to the soil yesterday for his family sympathy, had received information from and Cyrnol Yalçın Baysal, and Commander Gendarmerie Provincial.

Vehicles associated with the accident have been removed from the location after the investigation.

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Passed against the lane, the disaster caused

Security forces launched an accident investigation.

Passed against the lane, the disaster caused

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