Thursday , January 20 2022

Having prepared his will, he went into an operation, he restored and returned to the country


Mubariz Jafarov, who lived in Baku, was admitted to hospital 3 months ago due to a serious breach. Jafarov, who had complained of pruritus and becoming a disease of birth, gave a different diagnosis of all doctors who had visited her in her country.

According to the news about DHA; At the end of the detailed investigations, Jafarov was diagnosed as cell tumor; and the surgery was very dangerous. Mubariz Jafarov came to Antalya Antalya Hospital with a suggestion to a relative that was treated in Antalya before the doctors told him that there was nothing to do in Baku.

Head of the Oncology Center Dr. Mustafa Özdoğan and Head of Department of General Surgery. Jafarov, who met Alihan Gurkan, decided to get the surgery, which was said to be necessary but was not dangerous to live. Professor Dr. Gurkan by surgery performed on the body of the tumor cleared Jafarov, recovering health.


Mubariz Jafarov said he would return to the country with new prospects for the future and added that he had no prospect of life when he came into the surgery. Jafarov said he had prepared his will and conveyed to his family: "It was all here so far. After the surgery, I can not get a great deal of the effect of the drug. My eyes were closed but we can heard the sounds. "I still know that there is little chance to recover. I'll be right back to my country, my family and loved ones. I'm very happy. "


Mubariz Jafarov's brother, Parviz Jafarov, explained his life process: It was very dangerous for us to have this operation. Doctors did not want to do that. We sent our results to the hospital with the help of our remuneration.


Mubariz Jafarov is a Klatskin & # 39; tumor; is called and where the liver of both sides of the liver has located at the junction where the tumor is described. Dr. Alihan Gurkan also said they had a difficult operation successfully. Professor Dr. Gürkan said: "These tumors were often resold at the diagnostic stage, because they spread to the veins and the pathway they were not active at the diagnostic stage. Anatomical difference was seen in 10-15% of & The afu, caused by another vein, namely the patient's chance, so we could protect that vein, cut the tumor from the wall of the other ship and repair it. We have made the tumor active.


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