Monday , June 27 2022

Fenerbahce without Jan Vesely overthrew Olympiakos


The Fierbahce European League PYM, the Greek team by overcoming the Olympiakos 73-72 in the 7th game was the 6th prize. Olympiakos, who defeated him for the third time in a row, had been the 4th penalty.

Olympiakos 18-21 Fenerbahce 1. PERIOD ACCOUNTS
Olympiakos 39-39 Fenerbahce FIRST FIRST REVIEW
Olympiakos 53-50 Fenerbahce 3. PERIOD RESPONSES

Fenerbahce started the game, the first period was 21-18 onwards. The second half of the game was attacked and the first half was 39-39. Fenerbahce started the second half of an ineffective assault, 53-50 went back at the end of the period.

The last part of the game, which lasted Sloukas Fenerbahce's last minute, was the name of the team. Blue-yellow team, the final part of this player does not encounter the number of 73-72 that left the left.

HALL: Peace and Friendship
REVIEWS: Borys Ryzhyk (Ukraine), Fernando Rocha (Portugal), Carlos Peruga (Spain)
Olympiakos: Spanoulis 8, Milutinov 6, Williams Goss 13, Timma, Printezis 10, Strelnieks 2, Papanikolaou 18, Mantzaris 2, Bogris 4, Leday 3, Toupane 6
Fenerbahce: Sloukas 20, Melih Mahmutoğlu 12, Kalinic 16, Melli 8, Ahmet Düverioğlu 2, Guduric, Sinan Güler, Datome 7, Lauvergne 6, Ali Muhammed 2
1. PERIOD: 18-21
CIRCUIT: 39-39
3. PERIOD: 53-50
PUMPLE RIGHTS: 33.53 Melli (Fenerbahce)

The oldest team of Spor Toto Super League was announced
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