Monday , November 23 2020

Fenerbahce before the shock derby 2 suddenly! See Hasan Ali's Full Profile

Fenerbahce before the shock derby 2 suddenly! Contact Hasan Ali for:

Fermanbahce's Technical Director Ersun Yanal can not get rid of the bad results. Turkish Cup bid farewell to Europe after two shocked yellow-blue shock.

Fenerbahce, Ersun Yanal Technical Director, the team wants to play football because of a continuous search …


Eliminated from the cups and just in the hands of the league trying not to fall into the yellow Besiktas yellow game before the morrow is broken …

The staff will change in this spirit and this unity where the injuries are added.

Fenerbahce started preparing for the Besiktas to coincide with regeneration training at noon yesterday.

Lacivertlilerin played Yellow Zenit with players who did not take part in the relocation work.

2 players with disabilities went to club doctor facilities. This is the last status of both names before the derby …


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