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Fast Food also hurts chin development


Professor Dr. Bakkalbasi, AA's reporter, stated in a statement that all children should be transferred 7-8 years of orthodontic control, the child's teeth can be properly repaired, but only if an orthodontist could determine the problem.

Bakkalbaşı, who is the first and lasting tooth teeth of teeth with milk teeth in most children aged 7-8, reports that the orthodontists have noticed some problems that have been # 39 ; hiding in the dental teeth during the exam. He said he could stop him from growing up.

Sometimes even if you notice the problem, emergency treatment may not be recommended, you can choose the Bakkalbasi, female, chin preference, while still watching the ideal treatment time and deciding on.


Banu Çakırer Bakkalbaşı said an early orthodontic examination was very useful and that orthodontic specialists of all ages could be checked and gave them the following information:

"It's important to remember that adults can always benefit from orthodontic treatment. In addition to their functional and aesthetic features, the teeth of the milk have a role of a natural placeholder for permanent teeth. Losing of teeth to milk is early because of caries leading At constant tooth inconsistencies In particular, dissolved and acidic foods, after drinking the drinks are not cleaned, create an environment to create bruises. Feeding the children during sleep is very incorrect in oral health and a dentist. When this is called baby caries, it causes common bruises. It can also cause orthodontic problems, feed with very soft foods and foods. Preparing unhealthy. In the development leads to the emergence of problems. "


Bakkalbası, which is very important in treating bruises formed in tooth teeth, if the tooth treatment is not possible and should be taken before the need to replace it, so that orthodontic problem solving can be prevented, he said.

Bakkalbaşı, who indicated that the tooth shooting was incorrect or that parts of the tooth taken may cause permanent teeth to fall or be buried, Bakkalbaşı continues.

"It's important for the children to breathe comfortably and breathe breathing especially during sleeping. The reason for the snoring problems should be found and open to & As a result, orthodontic treatment can be planned if there are problems associated with maxillofacial development such as maxillofacial stenosis, retardation, retardwind etc. Every child has the genetic characteristics of their own parents, they may have The family features such as lower jaw size or deterioration in the child. There may be a shortage in the number of tooths. This is a genetic problem. It is inevitable for a child who has a great jaw structure from the father to have dose teeth.


Professor Dr. Bakkalbaşı noted that orthodontics were closely related to technological advances and additional developments. Developments in computer technology and the extensive use of three-dimensional imaging techniques are specifically invisible, transparent plates, brackets and wired and specially wired, back-to-back bonds Toothpaste, porcelain brackets, white coatings, high-tech products such as wires and treatment techniques have come to an expense. "he said.

Emphasizing that orthodontic treatment was faster and easier in the early years, Bakkalbaşı ended up words as follows:

"River density has changed during an adult, has reduced the height of the bones due to earlier diseases, reducing the spinal of teeth to weaken in contact tissue. For these reasons, it may be necessary Dental movement during orthodontic treatment is slowly performed and controlled. Some problems of surface growth also grow – In the developmental phase of orthodontic treatment, it can be corrected as an adult in order to correct the problems This as well as orthodontic treatment may require surgical intervention (AA)

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