Monday , January 25 2021

Exodus Metro Keys In Epic Store is Invalid

Exodus Metro keys sold to consumers via Epic Store have been canceled under a license name without a license. Purchasers of the game are asked to request a refund.

The Exodus Metro, launched on 15 February this year, is a highly successful FPS (first person shooter) released by Deep Silver. Epic Games, which made a deal with Deep Silver, sold the game over the Epic shop at a very cheap price.


Exodus Metro Event After other games the series negative comments

Deep Silver, the game's publisher, told Steam today: t

Tik We realized that Metro Exodus exports are sold by illegal game key suppliers, selling game keys, physical game keys from the facility where they were produced (especially game keys in the Epic Shop). "

The Steam Logo was released from the boxing game of Metro Exodus sold by Epic Games.

The company, based in the UK, is the publisher of Metro Last Light. "The Exodus key license sold on this platform (Epic Shop) is all stolen, ie illegal. continuity in form.


Steam's Exit from the Epic Games Logo in the Boxing Game of Exodus t

Only "Humble Bundle" and "Razer Store" are negotiated product key vendors, said Deep Money, this smuggling, users can't update the games they are prompted as a result of the investigations.

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