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Electricity Option: Rivian R1T


The world pickup is changing. Electrical, fun, economical land vehicles will soon be on the roads.

Rivian, the company in the United States introduces its first electric pickup. With the model of the R1T name, the company aims to test multi-purpose vehicle drivers such as lifting, lifting, etc. that electric vehicles are much better than gasoline vehicles and non- dis. After display at the Los Angeles 2018 Motor Show, the R1T offers a range of up to 400 miles for drivers (about 643 km) and drive a standard outlet.


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This vehicle, which has a completely different view between its predecessors, has a huge treasurer of traditional turbine holes, its fuller lines, but with modern touch and LED lighting that looks, & # 39; n match what is expected of a television and electric vehicle landscape.

The company provides off-the-road vehicles with high technical features, which it describes as "Electricity Vehicle Vehicles", but it has not neglected the offer of some entertainment to the driver in the cabin. The R1T angle has a 34 degree approach, 30 degrees of disengagement angle and 26 degrees of ramp edge angle, while it is capable of easily accessing 45 degrees fair paths.


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When we see this land vehicle in the city of the city, the lighting, the console design, the car entertainment system, which appears as a result of the future, is placed in the category of we can accept it easily. In addition, a large rear loading section of the nature of the pickup has added with an interesting and creative concept and a load of boats with a capacity of 330 liters.


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All of this landscape function and capability is also offered with ambitious performance. The car acceleration of only 0-100 km is only 3 seconds, while this gruff-look giant proves that it can reach the value of performance that many cars in the market can reach. His biggest competitor, SUV Tesla, and Ford-hybrid F-150 versus these values ​​to come out, showing that they will not be back at all.


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Rivian R1T comes into the market with an instrument that shows that the design can be offered to consumers without compromising performance, without compromising performance. Hopefully, this overseas vehicle, which will be sold mainly in the United States in 2020, will be seen soon on our country's streets.

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