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Eating a walnut does not cause weight


– Eating of nutritious walnut everyday does not affect pressures and elderly people
– Eating a walnut does not cause weight


ISTANBUL (UAV) – According to a study, the inclusion of walnuts in nutrition daily does not affect the pressure of healthy and elderly individuals.

Researchers from Barcelona Clinical Hospital (CIBERobn) and Loma Linda University investigated whether walnuts play an active role in aging and healthy. According to a sub-study of the Walnut and Aging Healthy Survey (WAHA) recently published in the Nutrients magazine; walnut (up to 300 calories) can be included in the diet of healthy and elderly people without causing any adverse effect on the body's body or body weight.
Chief investigator of WAHA study and co-author of the study. Joan Sabate, the previous studies examining eating walnut and body weight, said they are younger and focus more on a short time: "We were hoping that the elderly can add nutrition practices without fear of pressing for weight gain. Already, this situation has been proven by research, "he said.

There is a common misconception that fatty-fat fat causes weight
One of the main authors of the study, Edward Bitok, walnut oil causes pressure and so obesity or heart disease or other health problems such as diabetes could lead to a common misunderstanding, he says.

Biton; "We wanted to do research to prove that the nails in the walnut are unhealthy and lead to weight gain. The primary purpose of this sub study is to decide whether to eat walnut at risk of higher weight compared to some not. "

The WAHA study was a one-year test study conducted by researchers from the Clinical Hospital, Obesity and Nutrition (CIBERobn) and Loma Linda University Biomedical Research Center, and testing that the use of daily manufacture is associated with age-related cognitive mitigation and macular degeneration associated with age in the elderly. This makes it important to prove if the walnuts have a role in aging and healthy.

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