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Did he kill Leyla?


Leyla Sonmez, who lost his life after nose surgery at a private hospital, appeared.

Sönmez's Doctor MSA told us on his nose because of his mother's meat and damage due to the difficulty of breathing because of his daughter on January 29, he said: After the surgery, he woke up regularly, he was pulled to the leisure room and I spoke to it.


Law, us, a rest of patients, while the next surgery continues MSA, a period after the surgery of the patient that was dropped under a light nose pillow, said that the next young woman's control was interfered with & The bumper, and that an abnormal situation said. M.S.A. said, 2 hours after this time, he reported a scary charm that he was administering nausea medicines.

MSA, who informed the patient, said that the patient had met after the surgery, k. It was decided that blood was not required when evaluating blood findings, and that the patient was still sleeping. We decided on the continuation of the serum and medication with other specialist doctors, "he said.

On Tuesday 30, Leyla wanted to go home, but he wanted to wait MSA for another night, "40 hours after the anesthesiologist operated with PD to carry out an assessment of status, and blood tests to investigate the case To be critical. We were in the intensive care unit, the patient was aware, but there was a respiratory distress, his blood pressure showed a slight tendency to fall. Serum was continued.


"There was no statement that the current condition of the patient was not just psychological, but the neurologist reported that the patient was psychologically responsive and that the drug was started in a calm way. In 5 minutes, we got to the hospital's intensive care unit. For the intensive care unit at Balcalı Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Çukurova University, and just a little bit of bleeding in the surgery immediately after the surgery, so we moved the existing tampon and set a new one. This is a barrier to the operation, we began to think about the possibility of braces infection after the surgery. After suspicion of abdominal surgery, it was carried out in abdominal surgery at Balcalı Hospital, but it was not found Any results I'm sorry for this patient to die. Allegations of his relatives that I was not interested in Leyla did not reflect the truth I did not break my interest and interest. that he was taken to it She sent to Balcalı after his death was also false.


Speaking to Milliyet, Ali Haydar Sönmez, father of Leyla Sönmez, said the doctor was giving a full lie to defend himself. Tad Sonmez, the doctor who did not have a dental braces for surgery, said a problem. Saying, after the surgery, Leyla, now Sonmez, began a girl to fight blood and the doctor will "heal," he said he had cheated. Sönmez said: The doctor gave a contradiction statement. My daughter came out of the surgery, "My stomach hurts," she shouted. Normally you do not have anything, everything is normal. I'll release you tomorrow. Seni She was throwing a blast in her blast. The doctor is completely lying. He wants Leyla to remove the metals above him before he comes into operation. Leyla says she's busy. "It does not matter, the doctor did not say.

Ali Haydar Sönmez, who said Leyla's hands and feet were livid after the surgery: sonra The doctor was releasing my daughter. & # 39; Can not be released in this case, & # 39; I said. Then, another day, & # 39; he says. After trying to rescue them after they realized they were poisoning my daughter, they could not. I went to hospital last morning. My daughter was not in her room. His mother was lying on the sofa. When I asked a zoo where there is law, he said they took intense care for my wife. When I went to the intensive care door, I asked why they arrived there. The doctor said, Your daughter does not. Laughing, joking. You take your wife, go home. Come at 3 pm, let's be released, take your daughter. Saat The last time I went to hospital, my daughter was referred to Balcalı Hospital. Last thing she told me, Father, take me to Ley. It's burning. As soon as possible, they should be punished

SOURCE: UAV-Milliyet

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