Friday , August 12 2022

Deniz Cakir appeared again in the judiciary


According to news published by Sabam Nazif Karaman's Papam, Deniz Çakır about the alleged allegations of women who are wearing women who have grown up in a shopping center. The investigation carried out on the payments of private privacy privacy crossed & # 39; and a public incentive to hate and aggression, there was no place to prosecute on the basis that there was not enough evidence available.

The investigation against Çakır on allegations of religious, social, philosophical, social, philosophical, religious beliefs, religious beliefs, beliefs, religious beliefs, beliefs and convictions, and behave in accordance with religion orders and exclusions belonging to dog continues.

The objection of the complainants was resolved to the Duty Magistrates' Court regarding the decision not to pursue. The 7th Criminal Judge of the Peace of Istanbul decided to abolish the decision not to prosecute.

Therefore, the office of prosecutor, regarding Çakır, in accordance with Article 125/3-b of the TCK, K insults on the basis that it finds the beliefs, thoughts and opinions of religious, social, philosophical , try to distribute, spread, and act in accordance with the orders and exclusions of the religion to which it belongs. he will continue to investigate payments that involve people in public to hate and feeling.

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