Friday , August 19 2022

Cumhuriyet Newspaper – (Video) Specialist issued! 20 pounds in 4 months


In Kayseri, Kadir general surgery specialist White, stomach bombs associated with stomach botox, 4 or 6 months, 15 or 20 pounds can be weakened. Botox, stomach balloon is a much better alternative, he says.

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Specialist Hospital General Surgery Specialist said spokesman, reducing secretion of stomach hormones and botoxu secretion, they were creating a full feeling. Botox is not the side effects of Mouse, Botox, which was previously used in medicine & botulinum toxin & # 39; is the one active ingredient. We also prevent secretion of the dolphin hormone in the stomach by making botox in the stomach weakening, stomach departure parts and especially the fondus part. Extending the stomach movements, the feeling of will continues. Therefore, our patients do not feel hungry. People with a stomach botox can lose 15 or 20 pounds in 4 to 6 months. Botox is a much better alternative to the stomach balloon. For example, a balloon application in interrupted patients, vomiting and feeling flowering, while there are no side effects in botox, he says.

Botox body mass index between 32 and 40 can be readily applied to those who said that the tigris, the body mass index of more than 40 patients, says that the stomach surgery reduces.

Also refers to the reasons why Botox Bumper Bikes prefer, Botox people, especially My 15 to 20 kilometer are more and I'm scared to be implemented & # 39; for patients who said that Botox had created an alternative in recent years, he said.

Before the end of the botox endoscopic evaluation of the patient who indicated that the endoscopic Garnyn Kadir, stomach stenosis of any gastric exemption, ulcer or botox due to the absence of ulcers could be released on the same day, he said.

Saying that the successful rate of gastric botox is high, Plith said

75 per cent success is achieved. However, botox can be repeated once again if it does not make any diet or if it fails. We can say that 10 pounds a month can be lost especially during the first few months. There is no food restriction for patients after the application. He is healthier to carry out this process with a dietician.

Dr. Botox, so far no damage to Dr. Kadir See, the difference between botox that is made on the skin is the same as issue; but he noted that the dose was bigger.

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