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Causes of Gingival Puffiness in Children


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The Fall of the crop in children is not always innocent. These falls can manifest themselves as a symptom of different diseases, said the Dental Hospital, Istanbul Okan, Mecidiyeköy, Pedodone Department. Hilal Sillelioğlu warned parents.

It is known that gingival diseases are not very common in children and their time increases from childhood to adulthood. Factors that affect gingival health in children; poor oral hygiene, caries, malnutrition, systemic childhood diseases, vitamin deficiency, hormonal disorders and chronic systemic diseases. During childhood, attention to oral care, inter-verbal treatments during systemic diseases is important in preventing problems.

The main cause of the fall of the meat is poor oral care and malnutrition!

The first milk teeth begin to emerge during the 6th month and in this process, gingival swelling occurs as a result of concentrating liquid in the soft tissue in the crop. In general, this problem is seen in most children. Swelling gum is most common in tooth teeth during the toothpaste. Gingival swelling is painful and painful and causes sleep and eating problems. Gingival swelling may not always be innocent, but it may be obvious as a symptom of different diseases. The main reason for the general swelling of a valley is poor and unhealthy nutrition. Inflation occurs in children as a result of eating many unhealthy foods and then does not clean up the teeth in any way. Especially in children, from the age of drinking of acidic drinks and sugary foods, dental caries near crop damage, a healthy and strong structure result in weakening. Gingivitis occurs in the form of inflammation, inflammation or pain. A balanced and healthy diet is important for crop health among children. In particular, the lack of vitamin C can cause serious harm problems. Another reason for gingival swelling is the number of bacteria and viruses in the mouth. The biggest reason for this is that children take their hands to their mouths, especially when they start a nursery school. After touching many different and dirty surfaces with their hands, when they take their hands to their mouths, all microbes are transferred to the crop. This situation occurs later as crop inflammation.

Diseases may be the disease!

Sometimes inflammation of children who occurs in children is a symptom of severe diseases. For example, the symptoms of significant blood diseases include gingival bleeding and swelling. The use of some drugs can cause swelling and crop. Even the hormonal changes that occur in the child's body when it comes into age can cause regional complex growth. When gingival redness and / or swelling is realized, the child should be taken to a pediatrician. After the necessary oral and dental treatments, the board should be followed, and if complaints continue, a pediatrician should be consulted to investigate the presence of a family, a systemic illness.

"Children's Cleaning Shoulders should start when there will be a Beginning to Driving Malí

Nowadays, families think that teeth should be cleansed when the children grow up to school age or brush their teeth. So, the care of children of men is neglected and often ignored. The teeth and teeth should begin when children start to drink, toothbrushes, fingerbrushes, toothpaste rods and herbal toothpaste that can be used safely between 0-3 years. Children should be familiar with oral care and tooth cleansing by allowing them to brush their teeth around 3 years old. However, it should not be suspected that the child's brushes are up until 6-7 year olds provide adequate cleaning. It should be borne in mind that oral and dental hygiene is the responsibility of the parents. It should be noted, however, that the children are able to perform toothbrush effectively after having adequate dexterity, such as growing clothes.


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