Wednesday , December 8 2021

Cancel 3 auctions from the Treasury – Sondakika Economy News


The Treasury and the Ministry of Finance announced the issuance of 3 bonds on November 12-13.

The announcement made on the Ministry's website reminded that the 2018 Treasury Funding Program set out a loan of 6.5 billion dollars from overseas markets, adding that a total of USD7.7 billion worth of external lending was realized with the publication of a USD 1.5 billion bond completed on November 7. It was filtered.

In the announcement, the New Economy Program 2019-2021 stated that the need for Treasury funding had to be reduced thanks to the savings measures taken for this year and the following statements were included:

"In this context, in order to reduce the amount of domestic lending and reduce domestic market interest costs by taking into account the 2018 net lending limit, the 10-year state-of-the-art CPI index will be announced in the Home Lending Strategy dated October 31, 2018 on November 12th, the bond auction will be held on the monthly funding bonds of November 13, 7 years, and the bonds of the fixed-state government for a ten year period will be maintained.

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