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– Calendar – 12 November 2018


Koh ilive in Sevgi Aksoy (34), Married 5 years ago. She has been aborted and lost their babies. The young girl, who wanted to be a mother, was traveling around 6 doctors because of pain and ulcers on her mouth. However, every time the hernia was sent home and the woman left. The drugs did not suffer from their pain and wounds.

Aksoy 5 months ago University of Selçuk medicine FacultyAnd gone. The young woman discovered she had been infected with leukemia. Doctors say that the Aksoy survival depends on the marrow transplant. For Aksoy who has been under 5 months treatment Turkeya World Bone Marrow Bank & # 39;No matching button was found. Moment before the marrow transplant Aksoy, is the greatest dream He said she was about to be a mother to defeat leukemia

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