Monday , January 17 2022

Caesarean Birth Increase the Food Allergy


Ayse STAR – Turkey National Institute of Allergy and research of the Association of Clinical Immunology, and cesarean revealed that food allergy in babies born was seen more often.

President of the Dr. Bulent Enis Şekerel, AA correspondent, Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolia, East Anatolia and the Eastern Sea region encompassed 25 centers that carried out comprehensive research.

Şekerel said they were trying to determine the Turkish food allergies through research, by identifying problems that are predominantly from senior, said they are aiming to share their answers.

Bin 248 explains that the food was evaluated in children with food allergies, Sugar, 80.5 percent in the city center, 19.5 per cent lived in towns and villages, he said.

Sixty-two percent of the study are male and 38% of the girls are women, she emphasized. Her research showed that the food allergy rate was younger.

"Research shows that around two thirds of children with a food allergy are born by a caesarean section. Food allergy is more common in caesarean supplies. Allergic diseases are increasing worldwide." Sugar said Food allergy identifies importance.

Expressing that humans become stronger as they fought, Ÿekerel emphasized that if the birth is in the usual way, the baby comes to the world when fighting.

Şekerel suggested that mothers and parents should be more present in natural environments and said, "We pay the price of industrialization and modernization at the rate that we are away from natural methods and naturalness. Allergy is one of them." he says.

"Extreme hygiene environments increase food allergy"

Referring to the hygiene assumption, Şekerel said:

"The growth of children in extreme hygiene environments causes allergic diseases, asthma and food allergies. Allergic diseases are more common in children living in rural areas. The reaction that threatens food we call anaphylaxis In a food allergy there are various tables that go from simple vomiting, diarrhea or skin vaccinations.

Noting that they were facing difficulties in surviving such children, Şekerel said they were trying to take practical measures to make them live better.

Food allergy, correct diagnosis and treatment are not a situation to fear sugar contact, the correct treatment with the majority of patients restored, he says.

"Do not cut food because of food allergy"

Food allergies should be in close co-operation with doctors and healthcare organizations. "Mothers should not immediately break food when they suspect a food allergy. Nutrition is essential for pregnant women, pregnant women and babies." If you interfere with the problems of nutrition and growth of children and adults. his assessment was made

Food allergy, food-related reactions as a result of everyday eating of all uncomfortable nutritional reactions, sugar, sugar, milk, from a cooked spray to bulus can cause a lot of food poisoning, he said.

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