Tuesday , January 19 2021

Brief Summary for All: Why is Apple Failing?

In recent years, we can see that Apple has not been able to innovate technological innovation. The company, who achieved Bir from the first time, did not attract much interest. With failed selling charts, Apple has lost enough money to sink most countries. Together, let's go back to 1997 and look at Apple's future. After this article, you will understand some dynamics in the technology world very well.

You may oppose the idea that Apple has pioneered a lot of technological innovation. There is also evidence that the same technologies have produced years ago from Apple. Why, then, is an important part of the world still defining Apple as the company that achieved the first? The answer to this question lies in the Apple business strategy. Initial achievement is not the same as telling people.

A book was published 22 years ago in 1997. Clayton Christensen Peks Innovator yaşs Dilemma has been in this book, Apple has many tips about the troubles today. In his book, the author explains how "pioneering firms have failed and failed. We are witnessing the fluid alive today.

Part 1: Competition

For those who are not aware of the situation, Apple needs to be said to have failed in recent months. In fact, the resale company started the iPhone iPhone cheap iPhone SE 3 years ago. Saying would go for sale in markets such as Turkey in the deal. Of course, it should go down. But the real problem is where Apple has the courage to implement such a high price.

Let's go back to Dilema & Pioneer. This concept, which gave its name to the book, was an early warning to leading companies such as Apple. The fall of well-managed companies responsible for their leading consumers and leaders was mentioned. Not so much, but up to 2 years ago, Apple was struggling with Samsung for the summit, but now it's hard to face Huawei and Xiaomi. In the years when everything went well, Apple began to be dragged into a big failure.

Part 2: Blow

According to Wired editor Molly Wood, iPhone was the equivalent of Apple's success. After this innovation in 2007, Apple wanted to make its performance permanently. So, the technology and consumers media, when they saw a new iPhone, have contacted the matter with a special interest. Guess what? Over time, we saw a company that repeated itself instead of innovation. We could not see anything new, with the exception of two three design changes and performance improvements. The alarm bells for Apple had already started ringing. As a matter of fact, no-one could hear it because of the complexity of success.

There were also early changes that were not user friendly. Not everyone was happy with radical change, such as moving the phone jack. Apple continued to continuously support. In addition, we have seen devices with a large screen, a good camera, a fluent interface that people like more. Apple's investments were built after 2007 to develop and sell. This is contrary to the high-elite range-elite consumer strategy.

Things that are expensive and luxurious, still appear in the hands of people who would not normally get it. This disturbance has benefited from Apple in the near season, so in recent months, we started to see the loss in the long term. The footprint of the global economic crisis became apparent when Apple lost sales in major markets such as Asia and Europe.

In the last quarter of 2018, we left, earned $ 81 billion to Apple's recorders in just 3 months. The $ 51 billion of this belonged to the iPhone only, despite the fact that sales fell. The income of $ 33 billion, which has never been underestimated, came from other Apple services. Internal products, Apple, acting as a separate republic running with dollars, there was a fee of everything from music to applications. This also increases earnings. Now these "bad" days were tried by candle.

When you are successful, you want to keep this success. So you have to give it the best to be innovative and to protect.

Chapter 3: Status quo or habit of keeping the current situation

The first users to use such technologies as a fingerprint sensor that have been incorporated into the screen are Chinese companies. Moreover, this time Apple was too late and allowed these companies to tell everyone about this success. So, as with the first iPhone in 2007, first class himself Apple has kept, developed. This affected the habit of paying high amounts to ordinary products and people's development. Apple fans, becoming increasingly minority; Those who are not able to buy a product, began to stand against the company.

Airpods, Apple Home, Apple Watch, Music, iTunes, TV or something, once the innovator Apple Apple became a company that became common in the competitive environment. Although it still served with a closed ecosystem, with simpler interfaces, the competitors, those who were in the first place, were brought up to Apple, even more radical innovations. We started to see better quality cameras, more stable devices, markets with cheaper applications.

Need sample? Take a Syri. With the Google Now and Amazon Alexa development over the last two years, Siri has started to stay in shade. As it is shaped according to the support of the voice assistant in the future, Apple needs to achieve nedeniyle first in this area. Otherwise, things look old.

Now plans to open its own movie and series platform, such as Netflix, Disney and YouTube Premium, Apple is now looking for innovation in different places. He might be willing to pull the shirt off, he was wearing years ago.


Today, we wanted to emphasize that Apple does not make mistakes, but to emphasize the growing gap between every growing company. Apple will tell you how to draw up from now on, but this time it seems that more competitors will pass.

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