Thursday , August 18 2022

Bitcoin over 4,000! Moving Crypto Money News, Last Record 100 Million XRP



Crypto silver markets spend so happy hours, everywhere like a green sea. Bitcoin has exceeded $ 4,000 for the fourth time this year.

According to WorldCoinIndex price indicator, Bitcoin is $ 4,013 at the time of writing. This value has increased by 1.06%.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple released 100 million XRPs from the XRP, which trusted to its company, and sent money to one of its distribution wallets.

The transfer of $ 32 million shows that the company may be interested in selling some of the reserves held by the company to start cross border payments. Ripple owns around 60% of the entire XRP supply and sells a XRP share to light and re-invest in the XRP ecosystem throughout the year.

The largest Latin American Foundation Base Ticket will be released

BT BT Paratual BT is the last bank to join the world of money crypto, Bloomberg reported. BTG will create a platform for people to buy their new digital assets with Gemini Dollar, the crypto money. He intends to invest $ 15 million for this.

Token ReitBZ is named. The bank says it will be supported by troubled real estate assets in Brazil and will pay an annual repayment to investors within an expected range of 15-20%.

Head of technology, Gustavo Roxo, says BTG uses his own money to strengthen tickets.

Or BTG uses its own capital to provide liquidity because it really believes in the crypto business. We came across this structure as we believe that investors in the digital world are more at risk. "

Last week, JPMorgan Chase announced that launching a new digital asset, JPM Coin, would be used to run a block block allowed for cross border payments.

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