Thursday , December 3 2020

Apps share your personal data with Facebook

As a result of research and tests carried out by Wall Street Journal, it revealed that a large number of applications on smartphones share sensitive personal data directly with Facebook.


It is suggested that a large number of programs send the data to Facebook, from entries that are recorded when women are punctual or lay-in to home search applications where people record their financial status. It was claimed that even those who use these applications even shared data if they were not Facebook accounts.

It is said that at least 11 of the 70 popular newspaper share applications are sensitive personal data. Facebook users have been expressed to understand trends and software provided by the software development program to share this data.

Apps share your personal data with Facebook


Facebook spokesman told the newspaper that the situation was on Facebook & Breaks the agreements with the applications, not to share sensitive data for all user requests & # 39; he said what he said.

The Instant Heart Rate, which measures heart rhythms by the newspaper, is the application that enters the order of women, among other programs that share sensitive personal data with Realtor and Move real estate applications and many other fitness and health applications.

Apps share your personal data with Facebook

There are 150 companies in the business

Earlier, New York Times found that Facebook was a partner of the company, giving users personal information, without their permission and information.

The newspaper said Facebook had access to personal data within 150 companies under special agreements. These companies included a Microsoft, Bing, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and Royal Bank of Canada search engine.

Apps share your personal data with Facebook


Facebook's recent scandals resulted in a company for some users to join Facebook. Although the company's shares have fallen, some capitalists, founder of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, said to resign. Zuckerberg answered questions about privacy and security at a session that last year attended in the American Parliament.

Companies are caring for personal data. Companies can earn billions of dollars on personal data.

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