Friday , August 19 2022

All 21 times in the new chapter of Cukurova (in one piece) – Watch from here! Watch the video


Once Upon A Time, Çukurova had 21 episodes on the screens with a stunning section. Each part of the series marked the ratings of the brand new section of your home as a guest. You can watch the final episode of the series, which has become an indispensable part of the Atv screens.


Çukurova moves between hate and love! Does hate hate turn to love and love is hate?

His son, Demir Yaman, who was his son, tried to defend his feet during his life, collect his property and leave the mansion. In light of this bitter news, Hünkar, of course, has a plan.

Müjgan sees the cruel face of Yılmaz, which he sees with pure and unconditional love. For the first time facing the facts about it, Yılmaz gets a circle to Müjgan. What a surprise surprise will surprise this surprise?

Demir, born, did not grow up, never left until this year after the host Züleyha, his son Adnan and a governor going with Nimet. Züleyha, who thinks he has pulled his own collar from Hunkar from the end, takes this opportunity and takes the strands in his hands. Of course, this is not the only one that can enjoy the radical change. Caffur takes action despite the seconds.

Hünkar, the remaining vacant mansion, both in the company and farm when you intend to manage the emergency work of Haminne ends!

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