Tuesday , May 17 2022

Akşener i Erdoğan and Bahçeli: Let's get out of it


Plaid Da's Chair, Meral Akşener, is called the local election in the town of Tokat Erbaa Murat, the presentation of the Toycan Selcuk candidate at the meeting.

Parti Da Chair, Meral Akşener, President of the People's Republican Party, Recep Tayyip and MHP Chair, Devlet Bahceli, said illegally and zillet to the National League that they formed with & # 39 ; r CHP, has criticized the State of Bahçeli Party without a name.

DA Plate's Chairman Meral Akşener in Niksar went after visiting the shoppers to Erbaa town.

This is the candidate for the National League Mayor of the Toyota Selcuk Murat – the Republican Square, the applicant and the project presentation meeting that attended the public going to Akşener.

According to the news about DHA, as the war goes on the borough election, Akşener said:

When all those who were failing all kinds of wounds yesterday could not catch it, he said he was taking orders from Qandil to leaders of the Republican Party and the DAWID in the Milet League.

Does Meral Akşener take? Does Meral Akşener take orders? For that reason, he chose this option as an urban election. It was not a choice of Mr. Erdoğan, not Mr Bahçeli na Kılıçdaroğlu, chairman. It's not our choice.

You will choose a Mayor. Have you heard from the League League leaders that the candidates are called illegally and silk to members of the Cumhur League? You can not hear it because every person who voted for the National Movement Party is my brother, brother.

Every friend who voted for the AK Party is our brother, our brother. What was that, sir, it was a mysterious league? If he loses the AK candidate's candidate's elections, the AK Party loses the election of the League Championship contestants in Turkey surviving at stake. Come on, get out of it. & # 39; & # 39;

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