Tuesday , January 19 2021

AK's Party Spokesperson's description & description; election: 'Everyone should respect the YSK process

Steel, AK's Headquarters, held at a press conference, found evaluations on the agenda.

About 85 percent of the participation rate is very strong, citing the realization of the Steel, domestic and overseas elections, electing everyone who admires the high participation rate in front of democracy, says .

Steel was welcomed, foreign observers of each country as an observer of the participation rate, the power of Turkish democracy to meet the expression.

Steel explained that some countries experienced debate on the turnout of an election, "The percentage who even voted the height of the power of our democracy stood alone, saints showed their commitment to democracy, our nation and Our beloved citizens, the greatest power and strength of Turkey that constitute anxiety, are worth it in itself. We are a nation that has paid a great price to achieve democracy and to institutionalize and strengthen the t this democracy.

Steel, Turkey is a very high experience in a country with the choice that makes healthy choices by emphasizing, "It is also a country that can arise in a transparent way the election results. There are powerful methods for doing that possesses." experience, has accumulated and respected by all as the YSK it has the prestige of the citizens who gain the trust of our citizens.

Emphasizing that the nation's discretion is more than anything else for politicians who believe in democracy, Çelik, he said, AK's Party Headquarters is a symbol of political struggle that has been created and incorporated into this battle for democracy and its meaning and its political function like this. he said.

Steel, the elections to the main Election Board at the election can be reminded of the invalid vote, he said:

"Our legitimate organization that everyone is applying to this process by applying to the SBE. For Ankara and Istanbul, the difference between the voting results is;" We see the calculation chart clearly to see clearly, there is nothing more natural than making these objections.

Objections to the results are extremely important in finding the place of each game that the citizen throws away. Our problem is that there is no sacrificed game; Because the ballot box is the political honor of democratic politics. It is our duty to protect this honor. In fact, it is a very normal process of permanent migration making some comments that are stressful and I would like to emphasize again under our current weakness of making provocative statements in relation to this process in some overseas networks as well as from Turkey's night hours today. "

"Reading the results correctly is a duty on us all"

Steel, "We all have a duty to read these results correctly. At this point, we underline our sensitivity for lying news. In the YSK, we are very common, as every political party observes this process with each other, as if some treatments were done, these provocations, especially in the media, and in the face of explanations this to stimulate our citizens with harmful explanations, again underlining our sensitivity. "phrases used.

"Vote political honor"

AK Party reminded him of the attitude towards people responding to him as Yusuf Özoğul's reminder Steel reminds them, saying:

"Because we provide value to our democracy, Turkey's greatest power and we say once again that we give value to the police 'You have the good Joseph' … We all have of that Yusuf, one game tries to bring maturity to the door to door polls We have a clear stance against those who want to sacrifice their voting process for some provocations, and how AK's Headquarters made the ballot box If we see a mistake here, if we see some changes, we see processes that need to be challenged, and if this is a legal right, there is a part of the electoral process and there is a big part of the election process. an organization where almost all political parties have applied after each election.This is why I başvurmayal? perfectly natural .Trying an original organization of the name in a panic of those who have declared early results t Oh, this is the work of the organization you see inconsistency in approaching the event as a method results from Yusuf's activities and peer group, we are going to the surveys. Everyone should play the game. Everyone has the right to vote, the vote is political. A single vote can change the quality and size of the instructions we will take about the future. So there is nothing more natural than claiming this vote so that we can see this compass clearly. "

Çelik said, "A legitimate process will be done, everyone must respect the process, the process is healthy and transparent, and with the experience of the Elections Board (YSK), it will run the process of "We will carry it as an escrow on our head, and we will respect it, this applies to everyone." he said.

Omer Celik, pointing the election victory of the AK Party out of 15 times, folks in this election, Turkey said the most powerful party to give it to the party's title. Steel, "We cannot pursue an undefended victory. An undoubted victory when looking for our door does not go inside. Used.

Presidency is the first in the election of President of Steel Steel, "victory rights, a label that others can approve themselves." make their assessment.

Plaid's spokesperson AK Steel, stating that they will conduct the process wisely, the power of the national will, has been highlighted not to recognize.

Stating that the work carried out in Ankara and Istanbul was a re-operation of an organization applicable to all political parties following the elections, ikelik said that the result should be expected with peace and respect.

Ömer Çelik said that some politicians see people's statements that hurt, stimulate and damage the whole process. There is a democratic awareness of this nation and the democratic maturity that has been incorporated into it. This nation has led us to overcome this process as a natural and respected process. It will respect us. "he said.

They also read their own political history as a democratic battle and the history of elections. "We have always expressed our highest sensitivity to the same respect for the result, even if it doesn't come out as we wish." he said.

"YSK is responsible for the process"

Steel, the process they carried out just because the comments were made by drawing attention, the YSK process, walking in the way, all political parties are observers.

"We object, others will oppose." Steel, in some news, except the appeal process, as recalculation of all votes, but some comments, but mechanism mechanism of the previous mechanism acts as a new situation, he said.

Omer Steel, who is responsible for Party AK Headquarters, as some approaches have come to the fore, saying, "a large number of speculative news should not be respected. When a news situation is to create a key in it circle, note that the news has & # 39; & # 39 to test; well, results & # 39; s good appearance will be able to get out of & # 39; this process in a very healthy way. "he said.

"No provocation given"

Normally, at the end of the elections, the winning parties and losing Steel's reminder, "lose, would be, second, third, fourth row, but we haven't lost one citizen. We all carry out our activities." with this understanding at the end of each election. " found in the evaluation.

Ömer Çelik said that they will obviously respect the outcome of the protests and their addition, the bunk we will not provoke any turmoil. the democratic maturity, we will complete this process also shows participation. The winners will again be our Republic of Turkey, will be our nation and our democracy. "

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