Monday , January 17 2022

a woman in a police accident in zmir on yaraland


In the Gaziemir state of Zmir, the police officer, Buket K., who was on the side of the street, wanted to go across the road at the closing point. Police threatened the life of hospital threatened srd

Accident Hours, Akam-Aydn Highways Adnan Menderes near the airport. S.A. or Zmir i Torbal. (28) in the direction of a panel DA 436 lid off plate 218, close to the point of the road near the police officer who wants to go to Buket K. arpt. the unfortunate police killed by the arpann. Salk teams who were notified of the incident were removed from the State Hospital Buket K. Ambulance Gaziemir Nevvar Salih gren. Buket K.'s essential danger, which was referred to Dokuz Eyll University Hospital, was also abolished.


Safety of Hseyin Akn Mdr came to the scene of the crash, while Buket K. at the closing point was famous. Intermediate Drives S.A. gzaltna

The question about the accident continues.


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