Monday , January 17 2022

A pipe was shot in Marmaris – Last Minute Flash News


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The pipe was marred in Marmaris

There were two pipes around the marina in the Throat Liar area, 20 minutes apart. It caused damage to 4 cars with sailing mood on the ground, causing panic. The governor of Marmaris Celalettin Yüksel area said that 4 of the boats on the maintenance sled had been removed. 4 of the boats have been contacted with the marina, stating that direct egg is formed in Yuksel, "A ferry boat has been incorporated slightly off the harbor. No life loss, no injuries An empty boat is a blank boat. The detection of damage work continues. " he says.

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The pipe was marred in Marmaris

Saying that the managers of the public institutions immediately acted promptly to the marina, Root added that the marina continued with daily activities without interfere with daily activities. Bora Çıvgın, captain and yacht, has not seen such a pipe for years. Tropical air is a future impediment to the pipe that indicates Çıvgın, "The second pipe came to the first pipe. The second pipe became hard. What's important to us First is security of security, the safety of personnel of the ship. Natural disasters do nothing too much. " he says.

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