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8 Perfect Nofes Having Modified Popular Games


Literature is not always a world of play or film world, sometimes there is a back-up relationship. Today, we look carefully at the books that have been adapted from the glittering stories of the game. After a long break, welcome to the back of the Webtekno Bookshelf corner.

The games change, starting to move away from telling stories with the traditional players starting to bother. Although visibility and gameplay are at the forefront, there is a serious mass that keeps the story in front of everything.

We are moving away from quality stories due to the game styles built on passing time like Battle Royale. Games like Red Dead Redemption, God of War and Detroit: Be Human will be seen less and less. However, they leave beautiful traces in our minds with their valuable stories. There are also stories such as Assasineleris Creed that you can not see in games.

Bridal Webtekno In this section of a book room, let's look at the stories from the world to the world of literature. As you read, let's look at the 10 books that you'll feel in the games.

Metro 2033, 2034, 2035:

Today, the Metro series, which spread the market with Exodus, has a literary history. Of course, when he saw the stories on the shelves as a game, the work of the author Dmitry Glukhovsky won popularity and they were modernized. This work, you'll feel the back-apocalyptic air in your games, is perfect for you to gain a good predation before Exodus. You should definitely read the trilogy that are among the best sellers of modern and popular Russian literature.

Witcher Series:

We know that Netflix is ​​preparing to present this valuable production in a series. Do not disturb to be as popular as games. Because you have a special interest in fantasy stories, you enjoy the variety in Witcher. Apart from the games, we can say that they are successful in narrative and originality. I hope they will not grow the point caught in games and books.


Diablo, one of the biggest selling and longest seasons of the world of the game, may have been instrumental in commercial ambitions in recent years. Indeed, this situation makes millions of millions of fans admiring the story itself. Diablo was a series of games that did not appeal to the next generation of players. If you can find printed novels, we definitely recommend reading this story.

God of War:

God of War could be forgotten, one of the biggest Play Station platforms, if it had not been a good story. The latest production novel, which is about the connection between Kratos who is older and his son, was published in Turkish by Ithaki. Let's note that those who can not play the game are definitely a book to read, and move on to the next one.

Assasin's Creed Series:

It is possible to know Ezio, the most memorable character of the Assasin's Creed series, where Ubisoft went through radical change in a literary way. In addition, the characters you can not see in the game, you will not know the details of these books written by Oliver Bowden. Hopefully the novels of the games will continue to be printed.

City Adapt Bioshock:

Bioshock is one of the productions that stand out with expression and originality in the game world. The enthusiasm of players who feel the heart of the story thanks to these books can be regenerated. Bioshock's great elements, despite the difficulties in Turkish translation, continue to live with this book.

Discover the Impact of Mass:

Mass Effect, held at the summit in the science fiction games, would not be able to afford what is expected when building Andromeda. As a matter of fact, the story continued in Star Wars World of the game. If you want to make a good start for the series, we suggest you read the Discovery novel.

World of Warcraft Series:

In total, it would be unrelated to discuss the literary aspect of the 23-book universe. Not all of these books may be translated into Turkey. Although it is hard to reach clear awareness, the majority of them can be found in Turkey on the Internet and in the bookshops. If you're curious about the world of Warcraft and you are not interested in games, you can step into this world with books.

If you have memorable game novels, you can share with everyone in the comments section. Wait eager to see you again.

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