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Your Future Genetic Screening BIZGenes


Bangkok – 15 Nov – Thailand Bank

How well can we be if we can plan our health in the future of the life code that comes from birth? We all look forward to having good health in the future. Each person has different genetic codes. How can we ensure our living code leads to good health as we need?

BIZGenes under Business Alumni Limited recognizes the importance of genetic screening to assess cancer risk. Preventing, managing, reducing risk Healthcare point. And help find cancer quickly before it's too late.

At this press conference, "Short Film BiZGenes Your Codes. Your Future." After talking to a doctor led by Professor Dr. Vitaporn Vipakasit a Dr. Thiravat Virawan. With special guests Mr. Opal – Panichara Arayasakul, Khun Tee – Nantasai Pichailay, Dr Print – Khwan Pump Boonjit, Khun Bow-Titchaya Khun Jindong – Saruthipong Rojana, Khun Tata-Sakkaan Kamol Uthaisri and Khun Kwang-Darin Hansen under the topic "Check Your Code of Life on For the Future: Your Codes Your Future. "

Mr Sompong Chuenkittyanon CEO of Alumni Business Co., Ltd., said, "To continue with a commitment to be a leader in treatment and prevent cancer. In order to give people access to modern technology and equality with developed countries. Currently, there are advanced technology developments that can be reached Check and understand the secret that connects each person's unique genetic code When we can know our genetic code We will be able to solve the mystery BIZGENES answers one- Stop for DNA screening. This innovation will give you a better idea of ​​who the person is at risk of having cancer in the future and to reach that appetite.

Professor Dr Vipavipvipet, a specialist in cancer genetics, added that genetic abnormalities were detected to screen for cancer risk. Prevent cancer Movement is a germline and the type of mutation that each gene is associated with. Different

The identification of this genetic movement can help you to understand and understand the dangers of future cancer types. Plan your care in the right way and in the right place. It helps to plan the health of a member of the family to reduce or control genetic risk. And change the way you live. Reduce other risks. Associated Professor Dr Wipram to the conclusion.

Dr. Syrivaree Thira, obstetrician and head of Center for Preventive Medicine says Phayathai Hospital 1 when it comes to cancer, women We are often reminded of breast cancer. The most common cancer. Part of the genetic inheritance of mother to child. There are also other cancers, such as cervical cancer, cervical cancer, and "breast cancer and ovarian (HBOC)" that are caused by genetic mutations. Genetic tests are more important. With modern medical technology. We can deepen the genes. Specifically, find mutations in cancer genes as we are not yet sick, and also detect any abnormalities as a result of a ray test or blood test results.

Man's desire is not endless. Everyone wants to have a better future. Some people want to look after themselves. Some people want to have longevity. Some people want to see their loved ones happy and stable. To live in the future we dream. This is the main priority of all human beings. But we should start with the body's health to make the wish come true. It is important to look after the present. "Give a Life Code Help you plan your future … Your Codes Your Future."

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