Thursday , May 19 2022

You should thank them! Bandovich Soohkakhon Buriram After unlocking the first game


Bozidan Bandovich Prime coach Buriram United praised the team's team after successfully winning the first win of the season in the Toyota Thai League battle with the opening of the home award against PT Prachuap FC 2-0 and to see the way to win the championship again Far

"Castle Thunder" opened the house, defeating "against the destroyer" 2-0 with the aim of Modibo Mya, 74 minutes and Suphachai Sarachat, the 82 minutes that were replaced as both contingent. At the same time, he was considered the first win of the previous season, losing to victory in 3 consecutive games in the league game. A AFC Champions League group stage

"This game is a good game. We can do everything we need. One that the ball dominates Play an aggressive game And the important thing is to shoot the goal Y In this game we have created many goals to score goals First of all, we did very well. But it's a shame that the goal can not be scored. I'll probably believe at least Half first be 1 goal. "

"Come back to play the second half. We're pretty nervous, but he has to admire every player with discipline in doing their own duties well. I have a good feeling of victory in the game This was the first game win of 3 games, but the way to win the championship is still far. Before entering this game field Ask if we get pressure? course, the last two games we can just do, it will be enough weight. "

"This game, I have to thank all the players that can do the play scheme. Everything is perfect, including games, games, assaults and goals. And thank & # 39 ; all the supporters who sailed on the field. " Bando Norwich finished

The next program, Buriram United, has a difficult time to fight in having to open the house for a To Buh Hyundai Motor visit in the AFC Champions League group match on March 13 at 6:00 pm at the Chang Stadium. Stadium Arena

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