Sunday , August 14 2022

Win "Mark Tallal-Lyngard" Red Salad Salad – innnews


Ole Gunnar Solchar, manager of the "Red Devils", Manchester United unveiled two offensive lines, like Anthony Marxayal and Jesse Lyngard, injured In the UEFA Champions League game before making a red booth with Liverpool this weekend

Ole Gunnar Solchar said, "I hope and think Marcos and Lincard will be ready to come back to the field."

"How? We're also hoping that Lyngard will be ready for this game, you have to wait and see, we have time to practice for 2 days, they need to be part of it," he said. Red Devils consultant.

For the Manchester United and Liverpool Premier League program in the Red Cup on February 24th at 21.05 pm at the time of Thailand.

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