Tuesday , March 9 2021

Watch out! "Alzheimer's drug" affects the eyes. Make a cell photo – see color postage.

On November 27, Asst.Prof.Nowanpol Kanchana, a professor of ophthalmology. Faculty of Medicine of Thammasat University The effect of sexual eye crafting is what eye effects are to use Sildenafil Having used to treat sexual disorder. By helping to expand blood vessels. The problem of not trying the test. However, this drug affects eye image and eye cells. Cells are temporarily degraded. To see the color distorted. Especially blue and yellow The color is yellow. Or look at yellow sky. However, if the drug has gone, it will return to normal. However, if the drug is used then the color is distorted. Ask your ophthalmologist for appraisal. There may be some people with poor cell photo problems. In the dark, but not aware that the cells will be declining faster. The use of these drugs, the more the cells are declining. The problem is visible.

"Because the drug is expanding blood vessels, it is also used to treat other diseases. A continuity of people who take this drug continuously, like 12 weeks or 3 months, was a problem that could look green of 3 people in only 200 or about 0.1% With abnormalities But in the elderly or people with heart disease already and most of the time is used to treat sexual contraception. The risk is even more with the use of this drug, "said Asnapol.

In addition, another report that the drug causes an eye effect causes the optic nerve. In this case, only 2.8 per 100,000 people, but serious symptoms. It will cause permanent eye problems. And the treatment did not come back with obvious. The risk group is elderly with diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, which is not good blood vessels. The use of such drugs also increases the risk of blood to the eye. You need to be very careful about this drug. The doctor who ordered the drug will know the risk in this regard. Because the drug is not only affected by the eye. It also emphasizes that people with a sexual impairment. Do not buy your own drugs. Ask your doctor for a diagnosis. Because the drug is in danger of both eyes and other organs.

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